Global Network

Knowing the companies and investors in your sector is strategic for growth.

For this reason, Palladio Corporate Finance joined Globalscope, an international network of 55 investment banks that contributes to identifying the best solutions and most opportune players for every business’s objectives.

The main focus of Globalscope is M&A transactions, management of growth plans and reorganisations, as well as implementing business strategies through acquisitions, divestments, transfers, restructuring, global joint ventures, and licencing.

Globalscope is an operational and concrete network. It consists of 400 professionals in 46 countries who operate through 75 offices in the primary financial centres. Its members are in continuous contact to identify the best opportunities. There are weekly conference calls between the specialists in specific economic sectors, quarterly meetings at the European level, and biannual meetings at a global level.

Palladio Corporate Finance is responsible for the Consumer Goods practice of Globalscope.


globalscope network